Wave Prediction Becomes A Reality

Feb 2, 2021

sigma S6 WaveSignal, launched this week by Rutter Inc., is the latest addition to the sigma S6 line of advanced radar processing systems. WaveSignal uses x-band radar and predictive analytics to determine when quiet periods in wave action will occur. This information will improve mariner safety while conducting on-deck operations, carrying out cargo or personnel transfers, and a host of other offshore activities.

High definition visual representations of approaching wave fields, combined with a timer to the next light change, keep operators well-informed when assessing risk and identifying safe operational windows. WaveSignal forecasts quiet periods in wave activity, when it is safer to conduct on-deck operations. This includes predicting if, and when, a larger wave will impact the vessel.

The operator can input specific wave height thresholds, as determined by the nature of the work and acceptable conditions. When these thresholds are exceeded, a red signal light is activated – or conversely, quiet periods are identified with a green signal light, indicating it is safe to proceed. Like a traditional traffic light signal, a red or green light is displayed on the bridge system, and on an on-deck signal panel, indicating when it’s safe to begin and continue operations, or necessary to suspend operations.

The origins of the technology within WaveSignal began in 2008 at OceanWaveS GmbH in Lüneburg, Germany, later acquired by Rutter. The research, which was spearheaded at the OceanWaveS office through collaboration with several governmental and educational research groups, quickly demonstrated the real-world application for this technology. Since then, Rutter R&D teams in Germany and Canada have worked to develop and commercialize WaveSignal.

“It has been very exciting, and challenging, bringing this breakthrough product to market. Because only now, some twelve years after the idea first germinated, has computing power and high-definition imaging been up to the task of dealing with the complexities of real-time wave prediction,” says Blair Wheaton, Rutter CEO.

“Our fabulous R&D team has come up with a simple, elegant, highly intuitive interface and user experience that belies the complexity of the underlying technology.” says Rutter President, Fraser Edison, “This technology will provide a new layer of safety for mariners. In concert with the range of products under the sigma S6 banner, we are confident that WaveSignal will quickly become an essential tool in the technology kit of mariners and oil & gas production professionals around the world.

“We gratefully acknowledge the participation of the Provincial Department of Industry, Energy and Technology as well as National Research Council (NRC) in helping us bring this innovation to market.”

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