Additional Features

Coastline Masking
Incorporates a world coastline map to eliminate false positive targets when operating near land.
sigma S6 Connect
A web-enabled interface which makes it possible to integrate all of your sigma S6 data into your external systems using open standards.
Infrared Camera Integration
Integration and control of IR cameras is facilitated through Rutter's SeaView interface. Features include the ability to support multiple cameras, intelligent selection of a best camera for specific targets, and automatic slewing to ice targets entering a guard zone. These features support quick decision making in addressing potential threats and possible interruptions to operations.
Round the Clock Coverage
The overall improvements in situational awareness provided by the sigma S6 system occur across a wide range of sea states, weather, and daylight conditions, providing tactical information essential for real time route planning and decision making.
Screen Capture and Video Recording
Tracking Software (Automatic Target Detection and Tracking)
Scan-to-Scan Averaging
Motion Compensation
Multiple Remote Clients
Cursor Serial Port Output (IR Camera Input)
TTM NMEA Serial Port Outputs (IR Camera/ECDIS Inputs)
Navigation chart underlay support
  • Raw Data Recording
  • Multiple Client
  • Low Bandwidth Communication Link
  • Multiple Radar
  • Single Display