Rutter launches sigma S6 WaveVision

Nov 22, 2019

ST. JOHN’S. NL. NOVEMBER 21, 2019. Climate change is real. We witness its effects almost every day. And nowhere is its impact being felt, observed, and measured more than on our oceans. Rising sea levels, polar ice melt, and devastating storms are just some of the issues facing mariners and O&G workers the world over. So, policies, procedures, and technologies are responding to these changes for the safety and security of people and assets – offshore and in coastal regions.


Today, tight deadlines and shrinking profit margins often mean working in less than ideal conditions whether hauling fishing gear, launching an ROV, towing or salvage operations, or transferring people and cargo.


This week at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Rutter unveiled an innovative complement to its sigma S6 product line, developed to optimize safety and operational efficiency of fishing and workboat operations.


WaveVision™ is a revolutionary tool that works with navigational x-band radar to give operators visibility into wave fields within a 1km range of the vessel. When a large, obstructive or dangerous wave is detected the system alerts the operator, allowing time to make adjustment to speed or heading – or to allow time to warn deck personnel to seek shelter. Conversely, WaveVision™ can identify quiet periods to allow delicate on-deck or overside operations to take place in relative safety.


“We feel that this product represents a new direction for Rutter as we introduce an important component in the sigma S6 suite of products for mariners”, said Rutter President, Fraser Edison, “We’re confident that seafarers will appreciate this new layer of protection for their personnel and equipment.”


Rutter Inc., headquartered in Newfoundland, Canada, has been developing radar augmentation technologies for over 20 years and is a world leader in radar signal processing with an installed base in over 40 countries. Visit for more information.


MEDIA CONTACT: For more information, please contact Derrick Thompson, Marketing Specialist. +1.709.576.6666 x 5403.

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