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Comparison of Vertically and Horizontally Polarized Radar Antennas for Target Detection in Sea Clutter – An Experimental Study

St. John's, NL

An experimental study of small target detection in sea clutter using vertically and horizontally polarized radar antennas is presented.

sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection (OSD) System

St. John's, NL

In depth look at the technology behind Rutters Oil Spill Detection Radar System

Surface Roughness Observation of Arctic Ice Using Low Grazing Angle Radar

St. John's, NL

The surface roughness of Arctic ice is observed by calculating the correlation coefficient between the co-polarized and cross-polarized radar returns.

Fast Moving Target Detection in Sea Clutter Using Non-Coherent X-Band Radar

St. John's, NL

The effect of antenna rotation speed on detecting a fast moving target in sea clutter using a non-coherent X-band radar is studied. The scan-to scan integration is applied using the sigma S6 radar processor.