Rutter Shortlisted for Safety Product of the Year by Safety At Sea

Jun 02, 17

Rutter Inc. is pleased to announce that their signature ice radar system, the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™, has been selected as a shortlist contender for Safety at Sea Magazine’s Safety at Sea Awards.

Rutter, a world leader in radar processing systems, this year introduced Advanced Ice Analysis, a major update bringing enhanced ice detection and tracking with intelligent tools automatically identifying features within ice fields to enhance safety and efficiency at sea. The system is a powerful component in the toolbox of marine operations support and provides critical information for ice characterization, risk assessment, and operational decisions.

“We are honored to be considered for this award,” stated Rutter CEO, Fraser Edison. “Marine operational safety is our ultimate goal, and being recognized for enabling sound decision-making and safer, more efficient travel through the Arctic and Antarctic waterways of the globe is a meaningful distinction.”

Installations of the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ are used around the globe on ice breaker fleets, tankers, research vessels, bulk carriers and coast guard vessels from countries operating in Arctic, Antarctic and subarctic regions. sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ systems are also in use by oil and gas companies as part of their ice management solutions to increase the safety and operational time of offshore platforms, drill ships and support vessels.

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