Designed for Enhanced Safety & Comfort

Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ and WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System integrate easily and economically with existing navigation radars to improve the overall safety and comfort of cruising for ship owners, crew, and passengers.

Designed to offer simple and cost-effective solutions to commercial and legislative challenges, Rutter technologies make use of existing navigational radar resources to lessen the equipment footprint on bridges.

Efficient, Flexible Radar Solutions

Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ and WaMoS® II help ships negotiate ice hazards and elevated sea states, plotting safe and efficient courses when weather dictates that route changes are required. Rutter’s radar solutions provide continuous monitoring, regardless of rough seas, harsh weather conditions, or limited visibility.

sigma S6 Ice Navigator™

Detect large icebergs, small bergy bits, and growlers that can significantly damage a vessel. In the adventure cruising industry, Ice Navigator™ helps ships safely navigate the Arctic and Antarctic, bringing passengers closer to natural features such as icebergs while ensuring a safe passage around ice fields, and during changing weather conditions.

WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring System

Rutter’s WaMoS® II improves the comfort of the cruising experience, and the efficiency of operating the vessel. When faced with changing weather conditions, WaMoS® II helps cruise ships plot new courses that maximize passenger comfort in high sea conditions.

WaMoS® II also provides understanding of wave height, wave direction, and current direction – all of which impacts ship dynamics and performance efficiency.

WaMoS® II may be used as a standalone system, delivering valuable information about wave and current conditions, or it may be embedded into a larger vessel motion and monitoring system providing advice on safe and efficient heading, speed, and fuel consumption.


Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ and WaMoS® II radar solutions are helping cruise operations around the world become safer and more efficient, as both operating costs and passenger expectations increase.

WaMoS® II and OCTOPUS-Onboard

For many vessel operators, the WaMoS®II system is part of a complete OCTOPUS-Onboard motion measurement and forecasting set-up. WaMoS®II offers clear insight in operational limitations of a vessel, and gives the advantage of state-of-the-art decision support when sailing through heavy weather conditions. Critical and safe headings can easily be identified. Additionally, the combination of OCTOPUS-Onboard and WaMoS®II can also identify and quantify fuel saving measures. Amarcon, makers of OCTOPUS-Onboard, is a certified reseller of WaMoS®II.