Acquire Early Threat Detection

Rutter’s sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS) system offers early threat detection from piracy, theft, and vandalism to ships, platforms, and critical infrastructure.

The STS system enables users to create safety zones to identify different types of targets 24 hours a day, independent of weather, daylight, and sea conditions.

Efficient, Flexible Radar Solutions

Rutter’s STS attaches to existing x-band navigational radar, offering comparable detection performance to larger, more expensive security and detection products. It identifies AIS and non-AIS targets, and interfaces with other assets like EO/IR cameras and searchlights to contribute to target identification efforts.

STS can be installed as a retrofit, or as part of an Integrated Bridge System on new build vessels. With no additional antennae required to enable the system, STS lowers implementation costs and decreases the overall equipment footprint, allowing for a more efficient design. For vessels and installations that already have a Rutter product installed, STS is available on a common platform, allowing multiple sigma S6 systems to run on a single hardware installation.

sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS)

Establish security zones to detect vessel traffic, including high-speed, high-mobility targets as well as slow-moving, low-return targets, using dual mode tracking capability.


Create a unified 360-degree surveillance field for very large installations that require multiple radars for full coverage.

Global Installations AND Applications

Rutter’s STS system provides protection to high-value assets such as oil tankers, fixed platforms, and private yachts against small, fast-moving vessels that pose a significant risk to crew, cargo and passengers.

Rutter’s STS system is currently installed on manned and unmanned platforms as well as ships operating in high-risk environments. STS is also a valuable tool in the complete security suite aboard yachts.